The topic for our first event was STRESS and ANXIETY and our aim was to introduce different practices and their benefits…


Our first shoot featuring our Tshirts celebrated diversity, originality and authenticity. All our body positive warriors…


Meher Tareen

The Mindful Missy platform aspires to bring us closer to our most authentic selves and aims at creating an inclusive…


  • We live in a nauseatingly fast paced and superficial world- we have gotten used to putting filters on everything and never taking a moment, to breathe, reflect or be honest. As such, there couldn’t have been a better time to launch an initiative like The Mindful Missy- that urges us to sit back and answer some hard hitting questions. To better ourselves. To be honest. To build a healthier, simpler, more real world. And nobody could do it better than Meher- she has just the necessary amount of courage and conviction- to hold this mirror to all our collective faces ❤ I wish that the spirit of The Mindful Missy stay forever pure even as it evolves and become bigger.

    Marya Javed
    Marya Javed Writer and Filmmaker
  • The Mindful Missy is brave and disruptive. It’s refreshing to have a platform which has honest conversations about topics (such as body shaming, insecurity, mental health issues, adult bullying etc) which hold a mirror to many of us who are victims or perpetrators. Three cheers to you!

    Atika Rehman
    Atika Rehman Writer
  • The Mindful Missy is all about accepting your true self, and making other people aware that they should put themselves first and knowing their worth. Bringing positivity and avoiding negativity.

    Amal Qadri
    Amal Qadri Stylist
  • The Mindful Missy is a much-needed platform to talk about REAL topics in the Pakistani sphere of new media. I think after years of social media usage and our utter dependency on filters in every aspect of our lives, the world is shifting towards a more wholesome, honest, unapologetic and raw approach to living. Perfection is boring and true beauty is unearthed when you get real and upfront about things that have been swept under the rug for decades. And thank God for that. Log kya kehengey is slowly being replaced with; Toh phir? Logonh ko kehnay do!

    Sonya Rehman
    Sonya Rehman Writer
  • I love love love The Mindful Missy. I’ve always found Meher to be ahead of the times. May you continue paving the way for all of us forever.

    Samra Muslim
    Samra Muslim Walnut PR
  • I find it commendable that Mindful Missy has chosen to tackle issues of mental health by challenging entrenched and deeply harmful notions that have come to dominate an increasingly unkind and materialistic Pakistan. There is a rare honesty behind the work of The Mindful Missy, and I appreciate that it is routed in a local and personal experience.

    Aysha Raja
    Aysha Raja The Last Word
  • I follow The Mindful Missy because of its promise of authenticity. We are all guilty of tweaking our lives, our bodies, our thoughts to amplify ourselves on social media. To me, TMM is a refreshing voice that reminds us that it’s okay to just be ourselves. That, and I love how the page uses the instastory platform. I always viewed instastories as a frivolous form of expression. TMM changed my perception and showed me how it can be used to start meaningful conversations, and I’ve been enjoying all the discourse that it’s been generating over the last month. I am eager to hear this voice stand the test of time.

    Khadijah A Malik
    Khadijah A Malik Writer and CEO Kavalier
  • The Mindful Missy is going to change lives in Pakistan. We have been emotionally & spiritually asleep for too long and time has come to awaken. It’s a superb initiative started with pure light & love. Thank you Mindful Missy for waking us up from a deep slumber. Can’t wait to see the magic of collective awakening.

    Salina Taqi
    Salina Taqi Yogi & Entrepreneur
  • For too long now, as women we’ve had to put up with censored versions of ourselves and of others. We have normalised and internalised these lies. But that’s what they are: lies. Ashamed of what we look like, too ashamed to talk about grief or self-doubt or sex or abuse among a myriad other issues that perpetuate and feed the lie of a good, wholesome, fertile Pakistani woman. The Mindful Missy is a promising platform to talk about the things we sweep under the carpet. Real women, real mothers, real bodies. Having been to one conversation organised by The Mindful Missy, I can already say that it’s a platform where many of us will find that one radical truth not often talked about: that we are not alone. Bravo to Meher and the entire team.

    Amal Khan
    Amal Khan Writer and Editor