About Us

Meher Tareen

Today, somewhere between portraying perfect lives on social media and chasing dreams that were not ours to begin with – we have lost the most valuable thing of all: our connection with ourselves.

The Mindful Missy platform aspires to bring us closer to our most authentic selves and aims at creating an inclusive and safe community where we can tear down the many masks we wear and just be ourselves.

TMM aims to create an inspiring environment where we can share our struggles, triumphs and ideas in an effort to learn from each other’s experiences and grow together.

TMM is also a platform that promotes body positivity and celebrates diversity. A large part of the platform will be dedicated to featuring the stories of inspirational real life heroes.

For far too long we have been bombarded with heavily edited images, promoting a flawless aesthetic that promotes an unrealistic and unattainable standard of beauty. No more! TMM hopes to break this cycle of fake beauty. Therefore we vow never to retouch, edit or alter the beautiful faces and bodies of the people we feature on our covers and in our shoots.

Together we believe we can find a light in the dark, instill hope within each other and find the courage to live more mindfully and love unconditionally – starting with self reflection, self love and self-care.

Join us on our journey to self awareness and emotional wellness!